If you've lost that loving feeling then share a pot of this special tea with your sweetheart.  Ashwagandha, ginger, damiana and horny goat weed are all traditional aphrodisiacs, and stimulating Siberian ginseng delivers a little extra oomph! Turn down the lights, our the tea and let the mood take you wherever it will.  This spicy blend will also boost your energy, help fight fatigue, reduce stress and anxiety and promote health and wellbeing.

Enjoy:  Afternoon - evening, to get you "in the mood"

Brewing:  Pour water just off the boil over 1 teaspoon of leaf per cup.  Infuse for     3 -5 mins.  Drink as is.

Certified Organic Ingredients:  Ashwagandha root, damiana root, ginger root, liquorice root, horny goat weed, Siberian ginseng, cinnamon pieces, star anise.

ASHWAGANDHA: May help the body moderate stress with its adaptogenic qualities while providing an energy boost, clarity, and focus.

CINNAMON: Well-known spice that warms the body and lifts the spirits.

DAMIANA: Nerve tonic that may help with strengthening the nervous system. Also famous for its libido boosting actions.

GINGER: A warming circulatory stimulant that may aid in a range of digestive issues including flatulence and nausea. Anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties make it handy around cold and flu season. 

GINSENG: Adaptogenic properties make it an ideal herb that may help the body deal with stress, with stimulating actions that may assist in increasing stamina.

HORNY GOAT WEED: Reproductive health tonic that may come with a big aphrodisiac hit for some.

LIQUORICE ROOT: A tonic herb that detoxes the body while boosting adrenal fatigue.