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Healing Herbal Sampler Gift Box

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Our Healing Herbal Sampler Box contains five sample-sized packets of our best-selling black organic herbal infusions and a gold stainless steel tea infuser to brew the perfect cuppa. 

You can also leave a gift note at the checkout, which we can also include for the recipient. 

The perfect gift for a loved one, friend or yourself! 


Digestive - Whether you have over-indulged or just need to soothe a sensitive stomach, we have created a blend of herbs to refresh the palate, calm the nervous system and ease digestion. Organic peppermint and spearmint are combined with a sprinkle of fennel seeds and lavender to add aroma and sweetness.

 Peace & Quiet Find an oasis of calm in the day with this blissful blend.  As the name suggests, this tea brings calm to the drinker and will help calm a busy mind. Sweet, fragrant and soothing organic chamomile combines with rose and lavender to create a state of pure relaxation in a busy day.  Also helps promote a good night's sleep.

Nighty NIght - Like a lullaby in a cup, this sweet blend of calming herbs will help you unwind at the end of a busy day, and prepare you for a wonderful, restorative night’s sleep. Drink a cup an hour before bedtime so the herbs can start to work their magic before your head hits the pillow.

Immunitea - A healing blend of powerful, immune-boosting herbs for when you feel you need a little lift, or to ward off colds and flu. This delicious, uplifting infusion will warm the cockles of your heart and help restore balance and wellbeing.  Drink this tea every day to keep the doctors at bay.

Turmeric Tonic - Get glowing from the inside with the amazing healing benefits of turmeric.  Known as the "King of Spice" this bright, golden root has been used as a healer in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries.  High in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, this spicy blend will help improve gut health, reduce pain from arthritis and sports injuries, balance cholesterol, improve the skin and much more.


Mesh Gold Infuser 


** Gift box makes approximately 20 -25 cups of tea.  


Customer Reviews

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Purchased this gorgeous box of teas about a month ago and just loved it.

Anneliese K.
Such a beautiful gift.

Thoughtfully put together with the inclusion of a tea strainer. Made a great gift for not only tea drinkers but an ill friend.