Nourish Cakes - Book

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The 50 simple recipes for cakes and bakes, both large and small, focus on nourishing ingredients such as nuts, vegetables and dried fruit, plus flours such as rye or buckwheat.

Many of the recipes are allergy-or intolerance-friendly, using wheat-free flours and unrefined sugars. Each recipe is clearly coded to show you which dish will suit, along with an index to show you vegan, wheat-free and dairy-free cakes at a glance.

With sections covering Light and Zesty bakes (Lime, coconut and courgette cake; Lavender and spelt sables), Vibrant and Fruity (Peach, olive oil and rosemary friands; Fig and honey tart), Warm and Nutty (Sweet potato brownies), Dark and Spicy (Chocolate, buckwheat and chestnut roulade; Clementine, oat and cranberry muffins), and Dress to Impress (Beetroot red velvet cake; Rainbow cake), the emphasis is on including exciting new ingredients, rather than on cutting things out, showing how you can get the same amazing tastes and textures with healthy alternatives.

With all the recipes checked by a qualified dietitian, the cakes in the book show how you can embrace a more positive, balanced and inclusive approach in your baking. All the ingredients can be easily sourced from supermarkets or healthfood shops.

Nourish Cakes presents an alternative way of baking and makes it appealing, delicious and exquisitely beautiful.