Our Teas


Experience our collection of the world’s finest and most distinctive single-origin teas and tea blends.  At The Berry Tea Shop we offer only the freshest, high-grade loose-leaf teas that have been grown and cared for by dedicated artisans who still use age-old traditions and techniques.

Our teas are brought in directly from their countries of origin and are blended by hand in Berry.  We buy the best quality tea each picking season and only buy in small, regular quantities to ensure freshness and the highest quality product.

We try to source organic, wherever possible, and don’t add any flavourings or additives to our teas.  Unfortunately many teas on the market today contain "flavours" but you won't find any in our blends.  Our teas are 100% natural (the way they should be). Our herbal infusions are ALL blended from Certified Organic Herbs and we also add some of these herbs to our Black and Green teas to create our unique blends.

We are passionate about quality and authenticity and enjoying tea the way it was meant to be – a precious drink.  We hope you enjoy our teas and the comfort, joy and inspiration that tea brings….