At The Berry Tea Shop, we are committed to caring for our beauTEAful planet and being responsible for reducing our footprint.

    We proudly have the following initiatives in place:

    A soft plastics and cardboard recycling collection – so many of our products are wrapped in plastic when they arrive to us, and we have our own collection service each month (it’s amazing how much we collect!).  Everything also comes in cardboard boxes which either get re-used for our online orders or recycled. 

    We have a responsible packaging commitment, which ensures that we only use recycled materials, shredded paper and hex wrap, 100% bio-degradable packing foam and compostible pouches to send all our online orders.

    We promote a synthetic-free tea experience by providing only loose leaf teas – this eliminates the non-biodegradable aspects of tea bags and filters. 

    We encourage our customers to bring in their tea tins or canisters to re-fill, where possible, and offer a discount for this service. This eliminates the need to purchase a refill bag. 

    Our cakes are handmade using eggs from our chickens, milk from South Coast Dairy and locally-milled flour.

    We also seek to stock as many Australian-made products and local products as possible.

    We predominately use Certified Organic Herbs and Australian-grown fruit in our teas, which don’t use any pesticides.