We are excited to launch an exciting collaboration with LInnaeus Collection, a deconstructed hotel concept in Berry NSW.

Our journey began with a brainstorming session at Linnaeus Farm, where we met with the Linnaeus team and shared their personal vision and ideas for ingredients that would complement each other harmoniously and encapsulate the essence of the Linnaeus Farm gardens. Teas, that if you took them home, would transport you back to this very special place with every sip.

Any creative soul will tell you, finding the perfect balance of ingredients is not always achieved on the first try. There were a couple of attempts to get it just right, experimenting with different ratios and combinations until we reached that elusive equilibrium. It was a process filled with laughter, and maybe a few playful disagreements, about the merits of certain flavours. However, we are proud to present a tea collection that embodies the spirit of Linnaeus Collection, a testament to our commitment to bringing their guests the finest tea experience possible.

And the apothecary bottles and textured labels, designed by Nadia, co-owner of Linnaeus, are the perfect complement to these special blends.   

Not only are these special blends available to guests of Linnaeus, you can also purchase them in-store or online at The Berry Tea Shop.  So, anyone can brew a cup, savour the flavours, and let The Linnaeus Blends take you on a journey to the serenity of the South Coast.

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