Our Story
As Cliff and Paulina began to slow down into country life, the idea of opening a little tea shop evolved. The Berry Tea Shop celebrates their love of all things tea and the very British tradition of sitting down to a good cuppa (preferably with a nice bit of cake!).

Where it all started...
Our story begins back in 1996 when founders Cliff and Paulina Collier met working together in Paulina’s family cafe. Cliff and Paulina didn’t see eye to eye at first, in fact they clashed a lot – Paulina hadn’t met a cheeky chappy like him before. They eventually became friends and shortly after a romance blossomed and Cliff and Paulina have worked together ever since. With over 20 years of hospitality experience between them they ventured out, opening their own cafe in Woolloomooloo, Sydney.
After selling this cafe, Cliff and Paulina moved to the charming historical town of Berry, on the NSW South Coast, as it reminded Cliff of the English countryside with its rolling green hills.

Inspired by the ritual of tea and the charm of British tea shops...
For Paulina, the ritual of tea is something she discovered after meeting Cliff and his family, who have the kettle going all day long and drink cup after cup of tea. She fell in love with the ritual and all things English (including Cliff).
Tea Rituals - Paulina's Quote

During a visit back to Cliff’s family in the UK, the pair fell in love with the little tea shops in the English countryside towns they visited and decided to open their own iteration in Berry, bringing the township the calming and slow ritual of tea. 

“I feel like a cup of tea brings comfort to the drinker and has a beautiful sense of warmth and hospitality about it.  I love when people pop around and the first thing you ask them you ask is “Would you like a cup of tea?”” - Paulina

The Berry Tea Shop is a haven to slow down and enjoy the ritual of tea, the way it was meant to be. 
The Berry Tea Shop opened in June 2010 and the retail store and online store houses over 48 varieties of tea which are thoughtfully hand blended in small batches in Berry, NSW, so that every tin of tea is as fresh as possible.
Their philosophy of ‘tea, the way it’s meant to be’ speaks of Paulina and Cliff's passion for sourcing high grade, loose leaf teas, organic whenever possible, and creating blends that are free from artificial colourings and flavourings - unlike a lot of other teas on the market.

The Berry Tea Shop sources its ingredients from Australia and around the world to create their own blends, something that they are very proud of. When they started the business they were surprised how many suppliers were selling teas with artificial or “nature-identical” ingredients, which is something they wanted to stay away from. They saw their collection being more traditional, with natural and organic ingredients, so their customers can enjoy the health benefits from their daily cuppa. 

They also stock a curated collection of teaware from around the world including Emma Bridgewater, Cristina Re Designs, Kinto, Robert Gordon and many more. In addition to their teawares, you will find lots of accessories, gifts and dessert cook books and more!

The Berry Tea Shop cafe experience...
Along with their retail offering, The Berry Tea Shop’s Berry store also offers a boutique cafe experience, complete with the full range of Berry Tea Shop teas on offer and a delicious selection of homemade cakes, biscuits and scones to enjoy with your cuppa, all which have been lovingly made by Cliff using recipes he has developed over the years.
Cake - Paulina's Quote
This cafe experience was really important for Cliff and Paulina as it brings their product offering to life and they both love seeing people sitting and enjoying the ritual of tea. It also gives their customers a chance to enjoy many different blends of tea, ones they might not have necessarily purchased a canister of and sometimes they surprise themselves they then decide to take home with them. 

“It’s so nice to see friends catching up over tea; Grandmas and their little grandchildren sharing some tea and cake together; or little ones coming in after school for tea and a cup cake. It makes us so happy and has given us a wonderful connection to the local community.” - Paulina


Cliff and Paulina’s favourite daily tea...

“My absolute favourite is Madame Grey, our version of Lady Grey – a lovely refreshing, citrusy blend - which I enjoy in the afternoon. I also love our Deluxe South Breakfast Tea in the morning, it really hits the spot! At night, I enjoy a cup of Digestive with a square of dark chocolate (the perfect combo). When I’m in the shop, I love to have something different – an Oolong or Jasmine Green.” - Paulina

“I love a Deluxe South Coast Breakfast with the missus in the morning. I’m trying to reduce my caffeine consumption at the moment so I’m not drinking as much black tea. I’m really enjoying Turmeric Tonic right now.” - Cliff 

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