Also known as Buddha's Tears or Jasmine Pearls this is one of the most beloved artisan teas from China. The effort behind this tea is arduous from selection to shaping.  Each ball has been carefully hand-rolled from a perfect white bud and leaf which has been infused with the scent of freshly-picked jasmine blossoms. When placed in water, each ball delicately unfurls and produces a light, yellow infusion with a sweet jasmine aroma and flavour.

Enjoy:  Mid-afternoon to evening.  Serve in a glass teapot or cup to watch the tears unfurl.  

Brewing:  Pour water at 70-80 degrees (1/4 cold to ¾ boiling) into a pot and add one heaped teaspoon of leaf per cup.  Infuse 1-2 mins.  Able to withstand 2-3 infusions.  Enjoy as is.

Ingredients:  Green tea.