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The original scented black tea named after the 2nd Earl Grey, who served as Prime Minister of the UK in the 1800’s.  Layers of Ceylon black tea are carefully laid out and infused with oils extracted from the Sicilian bergamot fruit to create this historic tea. Brilliant blue cornflowers have then been added for a vibrant aesthetic. A fresh take on an old classic.

Enjoy:  Midday, afternoon tea, with dessert.

Brewing:  Pour water just off the boil over one heaped teaspoon of leaf per cup.  Infuse 3-5 mins. Traditionally Earl Grey is best served black however you may add a splash of milk.

Ingredients:  Black tea, blue cornflowers, organic Sicilian bergamot oil

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Ani M
Best earl grey tea

I’m an avid tea drinker and have been for many years. My favourite is earl grey but ever since drinking the Berry Tea shops earl grey I can’t drink any other brands. It’s such a well balanced tea and absolutely delicious, I highly recommend.

Richie Gurdler
The finest Earl Grey I've ever had

Earl Grey has been my favourite tea since I was a kid, growing up in a british household where drinking tea was an every day ritual.
Over the years I've searched different vendors and while some have closed down or become unavailable, the Berry Tea Shop has remained. Their tea blends are amongst the highest, if not the highest I've ever had. In my forties now, I'm confident that I've secured a life long supply of my favourite tea.
Of an evening, I sip it black and it's delicate flavour is the perfect end of the day. The bergamot note balances the bitterness of the tannin, but a little honey helps depending on which mug of the pot I'm up to.

Kimellen Vella
Is far more regal than only an Earl

The best East Grey tea that I have ever had in my over half century of life. One sip transports me from my humble suburban backyard into the gardens of Versailles. I never thought a humble cup would do that.