** Formerly known as Soothe **

Liquorice has been prized for millennia for its innumerable medicinal benefits and sweet taste.  Our Lovely Liquorice blend is a cooling, cleansing and refreshing blend that will provide relief from colds and congestion, soothe the digestive tract and support adrenal function.  The perfect healing remedy

Enjoy:  All day, when you're feeling a bit under the weather.

Brewing:  Pour water just off the boil over one heaped teaspoon of leaf per cup.  Infuse 3-5 mins.  Serve as is or with a drizzle of honey.

Certified Organic Ingredients:  Peppermint leaves, liquorice root, fennel seeds, chamomile flowers

CHAMOMILE: A gentle nervine assisting with anxiety and insomnia that also packs a powerhouse full of digestive aiding actions.

FENNEL: A warming stimulant for the body, fennel may help to ease flatulence while ramping up a sluggish digestive system. Nursing mothers may find it beneficial to assist in increasing lactation. 

LIQUORICE ROOT: A tonic herb that detoxes the body while boosting adrenal fatigue. 

PEPPERMINT: Known for its cleansing, clearing and refreshing properties. Being an acclaimed digestive aid, peppermint may also help to settle the stomach in motion and morning sickness.