The finest organic peppermint leaves have been blended with the dark, creamy flavour of cacao to create the perfect after-dinner mint.  A classic combination, this very retro pairing is the perfect guilt-free indulgence.

Enjoy:  Midday, afternoon, after dinner.

Brewing:  Pour water just off the boil over one teaspoon of leaf per cup.  Infuse for 4-5 mins.  Drink as is - no need to add anything!

Certified Organic Ingredients:  Peppermint, cacao nibs, cacao powder.

CACAO: The rawest form of chocolate, cacao is known to release endorphins and may assist with fatigue while being high in many vitamins and minerals.

PEPPERMINT: Known for its cleansing, clearing and refreshing properties. Being an acclaimed digestive aid, peppermint may also help to settle the stomach in motion and morning sickness.