Bright, zesty lemongrass and spicy ginger have been harmoniously blended to create a delightful, fresh infusion with a little zing! This cleansing, calming and refreshing blend is gently stimulating and uplifting, without the caffeine.

Enjoy: All day long for a natural energy boost

Brewing: Pour water just off the boil over one heaped teaspoon of leaf per cup. Infuse 3-5 mins. Serve as is or with a drizzle of honey. Also delicious as an iced tea.

Ingredients:  Certified organic lemongrass, certified organic ginger pieces.

GINGER: A warming circulatory stimulant that may aid in a range of digestive issues including flatulence and nausea. Anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties make it handy around cold and flu season. 

LEMONGRASS: A refresh for the senses this nervine is a helpful ally for reducing stress and anxiety, with carminative actions to aid digestive issues.