Become a Shareholder of The Berry Tea Shop

Since we opened our doors in 2010, our dream has been to create a haven for tea lovers and spread joy through the ritual of tea 🫖💕

We now want to grow our business and bring The Berry Tea Shop experience to more Australians. So, we are inviting you, our beautiful community of supporters, to join us as we embark on our exciting new chapter.

To do this, we are running a crowd-sourced funding (CSF) campaign on Birchal, which will allow you to buy shares in The Berry Tea Shop for as little as $250. We have put together some resources below that will help you learn more about the offer and CSF in general.

How can you be involved?  The opportunity to Invest is now open on the Birchal platform until 10pm on Thursday the 12th of October. Visit our Company page and buy shares. If you need help with the process you can visit the 7 steps to investing guide here


On Wednesday 20 of September we held our Investor Webinar and it was wonderful to see such a great turnout and we were pleased to have a lot of engagement from the audience. You can watch the full webinar below or scroll down and explore the timeline and jump straight to the content that interests you.

Here's a recap on a what we talked about and some of the questions. If you click the link, it will take you straight to that section: 


When we went live with the campaign we did so with our pitch video which we hoped would give a good overview of the opportunity.



Our offer document is a regulated disclosure document. This means all companies seeking to raise funds under the CSF regime must prepare a CSF offer document & publish it on a CSF platform.

The offer document is intended to give potential investors enough information to make an assessment on whether or not to invest in the company. It also outlines our strategy for growth and the intended use of the funds raised and also  includes company financials, investment offer details, including the minimum and maximum subscription amount, share price, pre-money valuation.

The offer document can be viewed here



We have had lots of questions from those who want to support us but are hearing about Crowd-Sourced Funding (CSF) for the first time, so we thought we would put together some resources to help educate and provide the confidence to participate.

Crowd-sourced funding is your chance to support the early-stage growth of companies like us, The Berry Tea Shop, with our big ideas and even bigger growth ambitions.

Investing in businesses like ours is no longer just for VCs and high-net-worth individuals. Anyone over 18 years of age can back Australian startups and innovators with much smaller barriers to entry.

If you’re a first-time crowd-sourced funding investor, you might be wondering:

- What is crowd-sourced funding? 
- How do I get a return on my investment? 
- How do I figure out if this is a good investment opportunity?  

We’ll cover the first two questions here, but you can also check out this list from our friends at Birchal of the most frequent questions asked about this type of investing.

What is crowd-sourced funding? 

Crowd-sourced funding (aka equity crowdfunding) allows startups and small businesses to raise capital from a large number of investors through an online platform. CSF provides an alternative funding source for startups, with the benefits of tapping into a wider pool of potential investors while at the same time building a community of engaged supporters.

How do I get a return on my investment?

Many companies using crowd-sourced funding are early stage or rapidly growing ventures. Typically, they have many years of hard work ahead to grow the business and execute on their strategy. The funds raised and any ongoing profits are typically reinvested back into the business.However, there may be various events or ways to receive a potential return on your investment, although not guaranteed.

For example:

→ The company undertakes an IPO and lists on a securities exchange

→ The company undertakes an exit event, like a sale of the company

→ You transfer your shares to a third party and a price for the shares is agreed

→ The company declares dividends

→ The company undertakes a share-buy back

→ The company participates in a trade facility, like Birchal Trade

The opportunity to Invest is now open on the Birchal platform until 10pm on Thursday the 12th of October. Visit our Company page and buy shares. If you need help with the process you can visit the 7 steps to investing guide here

"Always consider the general CSF risk warning and offer document before investing".


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