This lively and zesty blend combines Longjing green tea with a burst of freshness from Australian lemon myrtle, golden ginger pieces and a sprinkle of calendula petals. This uplifting green tea is high in anti-oxidants and will leave you feeling truly refreshed and revitalised. Perfect for those sleepy mornings. Like sunshine in a cup.

Enjoy:  First thing in the morning for a cleansing wake-up or throughout the day for a revitalising lift.

Brewing:  Pour water at 70-80 degrees (1/4 cold to 3/4 boiling) into a pot and add one heaped teaspoon of leaf per cup.  Infuse 1-2 mins. Serve as is.

Certified Organic Ingredients:  Green tea, lemon myrtle, ginger pieces, calendula petals.