Ms Peacock Candied Macadamias 140g


Candied macadamias coated in chocolate, cocoa & gold.

Sourced from the mid north coast of NSW, these organic macadamia nuts have been on a real adventure after leaving the grower’s farm. After being sorted and roasted, candied in small batches, then coated in layer upon layer of chocolate, they’re sprinkled with cocoa powder and gold fairy dust. A classic combination to showcase these truly decadent native Australian nuts.

- 41% Milk Chocolate. 

Ingredients: Milk chocolate (cacao, cocoa butter, milk powder, sunflower lecithin, vanilla), macadamias, sugar, honey, coconut oil, cocoa, vanilla, salt, fairy dust (food grade glitter). Be warned: Contains dairy & nuts. May contain gluten. Please do not consume this product if you have food allergies.